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Tips and Advice on Hurricane Season Art Storage

1. What is your best advice for protecting art during hurricane season?

The absolute key is planning in advance of the season. I cannot stress this enough. I have seen it all in the 35+ hurricane seasons that I have been doing this! There are so many things to think about and deal with prior to a storm, and trying to making last minute arrangements for your art collection is not only stressful, but risky. This is why Fortress’ Hurricane Preparedness Program, developed 35+ years ago, is so popular with collectors and their insurance carriers. It’s important to establish a relationship with an art service and storage vendor such as Fortress in advance to put a plan in place for the packing and removal of objects for Hurricane Season art storage.

If for some reason the items cannot be removed from the residence, then they should be off the ground and away from windows and doors if they can be moved safely. Many homeowners think about the “during the storm” events such as wind and storm surge; however, it’s the “after the storm” events that can actually cause more damage with lengthy power outages that leave the residence without proper temperature and humidity control. Make sure you have a plan for after the storm if you aren’t able to activate your pre-storm removal of the art.

2. What are the common challenges that one might face if living in a condo building when it comes to protecting my art during hurricane season?

One of the challenges prior to an incoming storm is limited accessibility. In a building, you must realize that there are hundreds of residents all trying to make simultaneous preparations with limited time. Then, the actual building has their own preparations to make. Everyone is trying to use the same loading dock, freight elevators, etc. Plus, many of the waterfront buildings are in evacuation zones so public access to the area is going to be restricted by the city. This is why it is so important to plan in advance and not wait until a storm is actually approaching to take the proper precautions for Hurricane Season art storage .

Something to keep in mind is that these storms can bring a lot of water via surge and via the circulation of the storm – it can be like a vacuum. In fact, Hurricane Irma literally sucked up water from Biscayne Bay and then dumped it all miles away. Even if you are on an upper floor, you can still experience water intrusion through your sliding doors and/or windows. We have been dealing with this exact problem after Irma at many buildings.

3. Will my art insurance policy cover my art if I take it out of my house?

Yes, in most cases, your insurance carrier will be thrilled that you took proper precautions before the storm to safeguard your art and place it into an approved art storage facility such as Fortress. Always speak to your broker regarding your specific policy and coverage.

4. What cities do you service for the hurricane program?

We service all of South Florida, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Palm Beach and vicinity, the Florida Keys and also Naples. Fortress has been providing Hurricane Season Art Storage for many South Florida residents for over three decades!

5. Do you charge a fee to visit my home and provide me with an estimate for these services to protect my art during hurricane season?

No, we do not charge a fee for this service. We encourage clients to have one of our representatives visit their home to make a proper assessment and estimate well in advance of hurricane season. Protecting art during Hurricane Season is much less of a headache when planned in advance.