• Meet Kimberly Jones

    September 5, 2018

    Voyage Miami interviewed our Vice President of Operations, Kimberly Jones. Learn more about Jones experience working in the storage industry with The Fortress.

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  • Clarion List

    March 5, 2018

    This month we discussed art storage and collection protection with Kimberly Jones, Vice President at Fortress Miami, a museum quality art storage and services company. Learn about how to prepare your collection for hurricane season, why "after the storm" events can be more dangerous than "during the storm" events, and why this art storage company decided to open in hurricane-prone Florida over three decades ago.

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  • Art Districts

    December 1, 2011

    As the first art storage facility in South Florida, Fortress knows how it feels to break new ground. In fact, its New York location was also the first art storage facility there. But if you think Fortress takes its standing for granted, you'd be wrong. After 30 years, it still treats every client as its first.

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  • The Wall Street Journal

    June 14, 2007

    Sigrid P. Thorne views the burgeoning art market–which this month saw record-breaking results in Impressionist/Modern and Postwar/Contemporary sales at Christie's ($236.5 million and $384.7 million) and Sotheby's ($337.2 million and $344.6 million)–from a somewhat different perspective. As chief executive officer and president of the Fortress, a fine-art storage company with facilities in Boston, New York and Miami, she knows that all art buying results in objects that have to go somewhere–and that "many collectors end up with more than they can fit in their homes." Private collectors of art are the fastest growing segment of her company's business, whose other client categories are museums, corporations, art galleries and individual artists.

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  • Chubb Collector Newsletter

    October 1, 2004

    Before advising clients on storage facilities, Chubb surveys the locations and assesses the level of protection. In the wake of the recent art losses that occurred at Momart, one of the most prestigious art warehouses in London, Chubb visited Fo1tress, a New York storage facility, where many Chubb clients store their fine arts.

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  • The Fisher Island Club Magazine

    December 1, 2003

    Just like a museum, your residence contains precious items you've chosen to purchase and live with for a lifetime. So when you move to Fisher Island or need to store your belongings before or after your move, or if you simply want to preserve some of your fine furnishings and treasured belongings, one company you can count on is Fortress. Providing museum-quality storage and services, Fortress' motto - "protecting and preserving precious objects requires as much sensitivity as creating them" - is known to many households, collectors, museums, galleries, and estates throughout the United States.

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  • The Yacht Report

    May 1, 2002

    With each production year, the interiors of both mega and super yachts are becoming increasingly more luxurious, with furnishings that are reaching the higher end of the scale in quality, rarity and value. The yacht managers, captains and crew members, who are ulti­mately responsible for the safeguarding and preservation of these furnishings after their acquisition, should have a thorough under­standing of which valuables are on board, their value, and the proper handling and storage for each item should it need to be removed from the vessel for any purpose.

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