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Fortress Miami is pleased to expand our Hurricane Season Art Storage Program to residents of NAPLES, FL

How does the Hurricane Season Art Storage Program work?

The absolute key is planning in advance of the season. We cannot stress this enough. We have seen it all in the 35+ hurricane seasons that we have been doing this! There are so many things to think about and deal with prior to a storm, and trying to making last minute arrangements for your art collection is not only stressful, but risky. This is why Fortress’s Hurricane Season Art Storage Preparedness Program, developed 35+ years ago, is so popular with collectors and their insurance carriers. It’s important to establish a relationship with an art service and storage vendor such as Fortress in advance to put a plan in place for the packing and removal of objects for Hurricane Season art storage. Fortress Miami is the premier facility for Naples’s art storage needs.

Naples, Florida downtown skyline at dusk