What’s behind the giant lock?

A level of storage that surpasses anything else available. For 30 years, Fortress has been caring for valuable or sentimental items for thousands of clients. Our facility is an important alternative to storage in a self-storage warehouse. When you can’t take your chances, take it to the Fortress.

Fortress has a combination of industrial design, fireproof construction, fire protection, security systems, and operating procedures that have earned us the highest rating from the worldwide insurance industry for storage. Private vaults range from 16 to over 1,000 square feet in Boston. Storage is available for short or long-term needs.

Storage is available for Art Collections, Households, Museums, Trust & Estate Management and Loan Collateral Management Services.

Not All Storage is Created Equal…

Fortress Self Storage
convenient location
private units
temperature control
humidity control
limited and controlled access
onsite services
fire protection
backup generator

Private Storage Vaults

Completely Private Vaults Offer the Utmost in Privacy & Security

Purpose Built Construction

Stand-Alone Windowless Structure with Steel and Concrete Construction in Protective Compounds


Climate Controlled

Climate Controlled (68-72 Degrees & 50-55% Relative Humidity) Every Hour of Every Day

UL Certified Burglar Alarm

UL Certified Burglar Alarm Direct to Central Station with 24-Hour Monitoring

Dual Fire Monitoring System (Heat & Smoke)

The Highest Level of Fire Monitoring Available with 24-Hour Monitoring and Regular Inspections

Advanced Fire Suppression Systems

Zoned Fire Suppression System That Is Regularly Tested & Maintained

Controlled and Monitored Access to Storage Vaults

Access is Completely Controlled via Positive ID and Signature Card


Cameras Throughout Interior and Exterior of Building

Inspected & Approved by Major Insurance Companies

Fortress has the Highest Rating, HPR, from Major Insurance Companies for the Storage of Fine Art


All Employees are Bonded and Background Checks Completed

In-House Facility Management

Controlling What is Important and Keeping our Facilities Immaculately Clean

Full Service & Managed Storage

Fortress Provides Project Management, Inventory Services & Various Storage Options

Storage Insurance Available

All Risk Storage Insurance Available

No Flood Concern

All Storage Is Above Ground Level

Back-Up Generator

Full-Capacity Back-Up Generator; Inspected, Tested & Maintained Weekly